Sunday, 16 October 2011

Friends Again Week part 5 - James Grant

James Grant's solo lps have seen him continue the more mellow sound of the final Love and Money lp.

Sawdust in My Veins was the first one, released in 1998 was followed a couple of years later by My Thrawn Glory. Both lps are largely acoustic and showcase a voice that is one of the best to come out of Scotland.

An lp of poetry set to music was released  in 2002 followed by the quiet and introspective Holy Love in 2004. There was then a 5 year wait until 2009's Strange Flowers where the volume and tempo was turned up a tad which resulted in I think the best of his solo releases, although all of them are worth exploring

The Streets You Walk Everyday - James Grant from Holy Love

This is the Last Time - James Grant from Sawdust in My Veins

My Thrawn Glory - James Grant from My Thrawn Glory

A video for My Father's Coat from Strange Flowers can be found here

When not recording for his own lps he has written and played live with Capercaillie's Karen Matheson.

You can find his website here (complete with natty guitar string thing) where you can buy his lps , get the chords and lyrics , stream some songs and read his blog

Finally a live example of a voice to melt into

So that ends Friends Again week  - out of one Scottish band emerged over a dozen of my favourite lps, not band for a group that broke up after their first lp. 

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