Saturday, 1 October 2011

Life of Live The Bible

Some things can be so good that they make you sad? I first saw the Bible in the Duchess of York pub where I failed to spot that the strange overcoated man sat next to us before the gig was Boo Hewerdine until he said excuse me and jumped on the stage and started to sing.

Last night they played their 30th anniversary gig at the Clapham Grand... a one off. As the opening to Skywriting started up I was immediately taken back to my poly days in Leeds . Nostalgia gets you every time.

The the line up was the one form the 2nd lp onwards and they played most of the first 2 lps with a couple of tracks each from Dodo and the compilation Random Acts of Kindness.

As with the audience they all were a little thicker round the middle and thinner on top (I fitted well in)
The sound was bolstered by Kate St John ( ex Dream Academy and who seemed to have played with everyone I liked in the mid 80s at some point).

There was much singing (okay shouting) and dancing (okay shuffling) along. Unlike Boo's solo gigs banter was kept to a minimum but some surprisingly rock and roll poses made up for this.

  For a one off they were extremely polished, not a false start or end in sight. They even played a new song  which has me hoping that this will lead to more live gigs or a new lp, I'm not holding my breath though

I've posted a track they played that was so good they ended up playing it twice. Sadly the middle aged nature of the audience my mean that we were a bitl ess tech savy than most as no footage has appeared on you tube yet. Or maybe we just come from an age where we don't feel the need to spend the night at a concert with our phones held aloft

Mahalia - The Bible

A 25th anniversary version of the debut lp Walking the Ghost Back Home can be bought here 


  1. If you're a Facebook user, there's some video footage of the gig on the facebook page called 'Boo Hewerdine and The Bible'. It is also on YouTube but its more difficult to find. I'll get that remedied as soon as poss!

  2. Oh, also meant to say that there are limited edition 'Walking the Ghost' T Shirts and signed copies of the album available from the label website here:

  3. Thanks Kerry
    I can add that the t shirts are mighty fine


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