Thursday, 27 October 2011

Life of Live - The Gobetweens

By the time I got to see the Gobetweens live they had become my favourite band and along with the Trashcan Sinatras the ultimate should have been bigger than the beatles band

The band were touring to promote their perfect 16 lovers lane (continuing the tradition of two Ls in their lp titles)

The arch art cool songs Robert Forster combined perfectly with the melody based approach of Grant Mclennan.

I didnt know at the time that this tour and lp would mark the end of phase 1 Gobetweens  as the band would split up shortly after.

Is there anything better than seeing your favourite band play live just after they have released their best lp.

The set list was perfect , there was none of that “ I wished they’d played ....” I’ve got no sense of any highlights  just one continuous high. The audience was full of people who revered them as much as I did. It was one of those gigs that you come out of and just think well when can we do that again

The band dynamic was just right it was a lot later when reading a book on the band that I found out that they were having their own Fleetwood Mac moment with 2 interband relationships going on, coming to and end. Although listening to the words on the lp it should have been obvious.

The gig was also special as I went with my future wife and one of my friends from school John who was down from Sheffield and had got me into the gobetweens in the first place when he had taped their first 4 lps for me.

I’ve posted one of their best singles that if there had been any fairness in the world would have given them at least a hit the size of an early smiths single (for some reason it has always reminded me a bit of what difference does it make)
Spring Rain - Gobetweens

From a slightly earlier time but worth it for Robert Forster's jacket!!


  1. I'm trying to think where I first heard the gobetweens , I think it must have been john peel . I can remember buying the lp from rough trade in kensington around the time , because i loved ' cattle and cane ' . bachelor kisses would be in my top 100 songs . the radio department do a great cover of it .

  2. 16 Lovers Lane a desert Island disc for me.
    Agree with jaymcfly about 'Cattle and Cane' and 'Bachelor Kisses'. There was something oddly exotic about their mundane settings...
    'Quiet Heart' still brings a tear...

  3. Couldn't agree more regarding why both The Go Betweens and The Trashcans are not household names. I first heard The Go Betweens when I picked up a copy of the 12" of Lee Remick for 50p and was hooked from that day forward.I saw them on The Renfrew Ferry a few years back and they were so humbled by the fantastic reception they received. Great band, great song....

  4. thanks for the comments totally agree with all the tracks you mention

    Scott - they were like that when I saw them genuinely taken aback by the reaction of the audience


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