Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Music - Cancel the Astronauts / Mahoney and the Moment

I've had a couple of emails arrive recently with new music on them and top notch the bands are too.

First up is American band Mahoney and the Moment who play a melodic music that is a little bit folky , a little bit country and a little bit pop. They have just had their lp released (cover above) and you can buy it as well as stream it here

Second up is Scottish band Cancel the Astronauts

They have a great new single Seven Vices out that you can get from their website here.
It has guitars that jangle and great lyrics. To give you an idea here is one of the b sides

Playing Hard to get - Cancel the Astronauts

It is always a good sign when the b sides are just as good as the a side!


  1. It seems to be the week to post some tunes from Cancel The Astronauts as myself, Drew, Ed and now yourself have written about them. As you said great to hear a band that puts as much effort into it's B-sides. Great single.

  2. Hi Scott

    I had noticed that pink chicken sleeve popping up quite a bit!

  3. Matty & the guys has so many good songs - listen to some of their older(?) stuff - someone has to sign them soon and give them a bigger audience.

  4. Cheers Jim

    didnt realise they were unsigned - I'm going to try and get some of their older stuff as the tracks on this single are all great


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