Monday, 17 October 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Ed Harcourt

Some singer songwriters go for the quiet, reflective sound and others go for a bigger band driven noise, not afraid to try the unexpected. Ed Harcourt is the second type , although this doesn't mean he cant do subtle and acoustic it is just that he seems to be healthily adverse to have any two tracks to sound the same. His songs often veer off at strange tangents

His debut Here Be Monsters seemed to come out of nowhere and grab a Mercury award nomination. Since then 4 more studio lps have followed as well as a couple of compilations.

Commercial success continues to evade him (only one lp an done single have scraped the top 40) although he has had more luck in Europe

The latest lp Lustre was released on his own label and contains some of his strongest songs.

I've posted 3 tracks. The first is the title track from the last lp and shows a rich lush sound which builds and builds

Lustre - Ed Harcourt

  The next one is from the lp Strangers and shows he can write a sing along chorus withe best of them

Born in the 70s - Ed Harcourt

The final one shows how he likes to play around with backing tracks to combine on one hand a simple tune but overlays a element of complexity to keep things interesting

Shadowboxing - Ed Harcourt

Finally here is the video for his one brush with the top 40, which is a shame as he has written far better , catchier , chart friendly songs then this one good as it is

You can buy his lps here - there is a compilation called Until Tomorrow and i would start with this or his latest Lustre which you can also listen to at his website here

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