Monday, 24 October 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter part 26/26 Sufjan Stevens

For the final Not Another Singer Songwriter, I'm featuring a couple of tracks by Sufjan Stevens. His music falls into the realm of chamber pop (made up genre but I like it .... pop songs with interesting structures and almost orchestral backing)

Probably best known for his throwaway announcement that he was going to record for each of the USA states. Always a fan of ambition over execution I was a tad disappointed when he stopped at 2.

Right from the start he wasn't that interested in making straightforward lps , his second release was an electronica lp , a song cycle covering the animals in the Chinese zodiac.

His last lp was released in 2010 and as ever was wildly ambitious with a multitude of instruments backing songs of various genres, however nothing has really captured my imagination as Greetings from Michigan and Come on Feel the Illinoise.

Both lps combine history of the state , local characters and landmarks with  personal themes of faith, love and regret.

The combination of his soft sweet vocals with the lush arrangements can at times feel like eating too much chocolate (so maybe 50 lps would lead to instant aural diabetes) and I tend to follow listening to the lps with somethng loud and guitary but for invention , ambition and some great pop tunes both lps are worth a go. If I was going to plump for one then Illinoise just steals it for the scarily haunting John Wayne Gacy.

Vito's Ordination Song - Sufjan Stevens

 Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens

So 26 Singer songwriters and now its time for a new theme. Most of my favourite songs seem to come from a place of sadness, so next week starts 26 of my favourite sad songs please feel free to play along!- misery monday 


  1. not heard that one i think i was still upset he wasnt doing his 51 states thing - I do think he is a bit like sherbet - tastes lovely but too much gives you a strange headache!


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