Monday, 3 October 2011

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Thomas Dybdahl

A while back I did a post on a Norwegian singer songwriter Dylan Mondegreen which you can find here.
Following another recommends I ordered a cd by Thomas Dybdahl. More Jeff Buckley than Prefab Sprout, the Norwegian has released 5 lps. The one I bought "Songs" is a compilation of tracks and has been released to introduce him to the UK/US.

The songs are mainly introspective and vary from traditional singer songwriter fare such to tracks that have a more experimental arrangement and structure, all mixed in with a bit of a pop sensibility.

I've posted 2 tracks that show the 2 different sides

Cecilia - Thomas Dybdahl

Songs - Thomas Dybdahl

You can find more information and get a free download from his website here

You can buy the songs lp here  If you liked the Tom Baxter or Duncan Sheik posts earlier in the series then I would give this a go


  1. We must be psychically linked David; I've just been writing a blog on Thomas D. 'Songs' is a great intro but I really recommend his CDs as individual pieces; especially 'One Day I'll Dance for you New York'. It all drifts in and out of earshot; a bit like a melodious Joe Henry record. The title track and 'Love Story' are great although I reserve my love for 'Henry' which is a real heartbreaker.

  2. I like him a lot too.My favourite is 'Science'.One of those albums that needs to be listened to from start to finish.I agree with Trevor,in that 'Songs'is a good intro but doesn't really do him justice listening to the tracks out of their original albums.
    Tel Aviv

  3. Thanks Trev and Phil - convinced me I need to do some catching up!


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