Thursday, 10 November 2011

Home grown Americana part 2 - Broken Family Band

The second part of homegrown Americana features The Broken Family band from Cambridgeshire. Their debut lp Cold Water Songs sounded as if the band had the deepest american roots. At times pure country at others more country rock or american folk. All fornted with a vocal that was a lifetime fo pain

The lp got rave reviews and lead to sessions for John Peel.

Four more lps came and the sound progressed to have a more indie feel although shadows of the earlier sound remained

I've posted my favourite song by them which comes from the lp Hello Love which features some swoonsome backing vocals, a guitar line that you don't want to end, all put together to feel like a long lost Velvet Underground love song (if such a thing wasnt a contradiction in terms)

You Get Me - The Broken Family Band

The band finally broke up in 2009 fittingly with a final concert in Cambridge

You can listen to a selection of their songs as well as get a full discography at their website here

You can buy their cds here and depending on your preferences I'd go for either the rootsier Cold Water Songs or the Rockier Please and Thankyou


  1. Didn't know they'd broken up. Shame; they did some excellent records. "The Booze & The Drugs" & "You're Like A Woman" are favourites of mine.

  2. hi Rol

    I think the singer has a new band


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