Sunday, 13 November 2011

sunday extra

If you have not already wonder over to hissy fit where there are some fantastic you tube clips of the Blue Nile

In response to Trev's question here is the b side to Happiness. O Lolita has a bit of that tonal, tolling bell style that featured a bit more prominently in High. Really like the skittery drum beat that appears form nowhere and then disappears just a quickly

Too good to be a lost b side

O Lolita - The Blue Nile


  1. How the hell...?
    I type in the same stuff and get nowt.
    Evening classes (and glasses) beckon...
    Nice to know the there are others out there who are knickered withowt spullchick...

  2. curse of sunday mornings - long ago discovered that woken early by the kids and accurate typing dont mix!


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