Thursday, 3 November 2011

Life of Live - Blue Nile

I've been to some concerts where the sense of anticipation and build up takes the whole experience to another level.

I've written before about my love of all things Blue Nile and being a fan involves as much hope and patience as enjoyment.

When I found out that they where touring with their 3rd lp Peace at Last and playing the Royal Albert Hall I immediately got a ticket and started counting down the days.

With only 3 lps to choose from they seemed to cover most of their back catalogue. The reputation for perfection (although reading the book Nileism is seems more like the ultimate procrastination) came through in the sound which was rich, deep, and clear and managed to fill the hall's cavernous space (I've seen a few bands where the sound seemed to have got lost in the Hall's dome)

On the LP there is a slight move to guitar backing and live Paul Buchanan's crisp acoustic guitar was to the fore. I can't remember much about individual tracks just being on a continuous emotional high as well as doing a bit of "there is something in my eye" during Family Life. That and the fact that with some of the newer songs they sounded positively upbeat!

The band were clearly taken aback by the waves of adoration and appreciation a couple of times standing on stage not seemingly knowing what to do as applause and cheering just kept going

Afterwards I was on an almost religious high only to be brought right back down again when my wife said "It as okay , sounded a bit 80s though didn't they" The clearest justifiable grounds for divorce .. or at least a big sulk you'll ever find.

There a  couple of sound only versions from that concert and I've posted a visual for one 10 years later


  1. All very beautiful; makes their demise all the sadder.
    Let's hope that Paul B' gets in the studio soon...

  2. if it is like the blue nile then getting in the studio may not be the issue ... it is getting out again that seems to cause the problem!!


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