Monday, 28 November 2011

Misery Monday part 5 - The Catchers

Misery Monday and another tale of love gone wrong. This time from Irish band Catchers' second and final lp Stooping to Fit.

Built around some gorgeous sweeping strings recorded with Nike Drake collaborator Robert Kirby. The almost whispered vocal gives the whole thing a slightly darker sinister edge

When I get over you
remind me what to do
watch my step with the next one

When I Get Over You - The Catchers

The band split in 1998 after 2 well received but poorly selling lps of melodic pop music. The lead singer re emerged as The Sleeping Years whose myspace site is here . There are a few tracks to listen to including a cover of the Gobetweens Cattle and Cane which is enough in itself to get me trying to track down the lp

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