Saturday, 12 November 2011

New Music - Emmett Tinley

The first part of the year was a little sparse in terms of new music, to a point where I thought my year's top 10 would be pretty much made up of re issues, but there has been a bit of a rush as the nights draw in.

One of the best is the 2nd solo lp from Emmett Tinley former lead singer of Irish band Prayerboat. Six years after his debut solo, it has been worth the wait.

It is one of those subtle lps with mainly acoustic backing and a sprinkle of strings.

What makes the lp stand out though is that Emmett Tinley has one of those soaring spiritual voices that are just perfect for autumn evenings,

I've posted the lead off track which I think works best with an accompanying single malt

Takes a Long Time to Heal - Emmett Tinley

If you like this then give the whole lp a go as it is pretty representative of the other 9 tracks

You can buy the lp here direct from the record label

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  1. Thanks for the alert on this David.
    I loved his debut; liked the Prayer Boat a lot also.
    More money to Amazon...


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