Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Strange Covers - God Only Knows

I first heard teh Beach Boys song on David Bowie's less than stellar Tonight lp. For that version he went big voice and big production.

Terry Hall has underplayed it a bit and as a result I like this version alot more , its got that easy listening vibe which reminds me of being forced to listen to radio 2 on long car journeys.

God only Knows - Terry Hall


  1. One of my top 3 songs ever after Moon River and Wichita Lineman.
    I'm currently compiling my list for a covers album.
    The world holds its breath...

  2. Barbie girl by Aqua must be in with a shout

  3. Funny but one of my squash playing friends is Charlie, a young, trendy, 'surfer' type who is now at Yale studying... squash it seems.
    Now Charlie always had his iPod on full blast so that he could 'zone in' before big team matches.
    He'd never reveal what he was listening to so we nicked the ipod when he went on court.
    There on pause (and later investigation later found it as 'most played) was 'Barbie Girl' by your Mrs Aqua.
    The ensuing ridicule is probably the reason that he's now the other side of the Atlantic...


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