Tuesday, 29 November 2011

strange covers - Leisure Society

Into the Murky Water the 2nd lp by the Leisure Society is fast becoming one of my favourites of the year. I came to it a bit late to the point where they had released a "special" version with an extra disc of tracks that didnt make the final cut of the lp.

Included is this cover - its not in the Lee Marvin gargling gravel style and if anything feels like it comes from earlier time and place

Wandering Star - The Leisure Society

You can buy Into the Murky Water here


  1. I love this band; 1st heard 'Last of the Melting Snow' from their debut and brought both albums. I particularly like 'Although we all are Lost' from this album... There's a quirky, melodic melancholy that underpins all of their stuff; almost music hall some of it; an unusual and addictive concoction...

  2. I think the second one is even better than the first (although the first has one of my fav lp covers ever) - the almost music hall element brings to mind Duke Special

  3. Well,I'm with both of you.Love their albums and this cover version of 'Wanderin' star'.
    They do a great version of Gary Numans 'Cars'aswell.
    Tel Aviv

  4. The Duke Special reference works well.
    He has a special way with a tune does the duke... although his music hall style is consummate it seems a little 'auto pilot' to me.
    I prefer him in sad mode...


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