Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Duke Special V Neil Hannon part 1

One writing yesterdays post I stumbled across a few other youtube gems that has created a week's mini theme. Neil Hannon and Duke Special have written together in the past but were brought together to be interviewd and perform on Irish television.

The mock we cant stand each other is a bit smug at times however the playing is magical. They take turns at the piano with playing or dueting on each others songs.

The programme is split into 4 parts so over the next 4 days I'll cover off the whole thing.

Part one sets the scene (don't get too disheartened by the cringeworthy opening , stick around until the songs start.)


  1. Excellent, nice to be reminded that when Hannon takes his tongue out his cheek he's a fantastic singer. I thought that the Duke was going to break into 'It's Friday, I'm in Love' at any second...

  2. glad you like them - that is the wonder of youtube that in among all the farting babies there are some real gems


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