Wednesday, 7 December 2011

life of a song - The Waterboys

One of the Lps I've bought this year is In A Special Place by the Waterboys. This is basically a load of piano backed demos that went on to form the basis of the This is the Sea lp.

It got me thinking about the life of a song and how its personality must grow and change as it moves through various versions until it is taken on by others and covered.

Even with the original artist the song will continue to evolve. I've seen the waterboys live a few times and songs get new arrangements , new lyrics seemingly with every tour. 

Luckily Mike Scott seems on a bit of a mission to release everything he has committed to tape, with a 2 cd set of This is The Sea as well as the Secret Life of the Waterboys all released prior to In a Special Place.

I've chosen This is the Sea to show 3 versions. The first is as appears on the lp (apparently edited down form about 20m verses!) , the second a faster alter ego and the third is the live version. All have there own personality

......and finally through the wonders of youtube a cover version that takes it to another place

If you are intrested in how the songs on This is the Sea were born then you can buy In a Special Place here

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