Monday, 19 December 2011

Misery Monday part 7/26 - Del Amitri

Although I prefer the pre long hair and side burns Del Amitri they have produced some killer sad songs when the turn down the Neil Young tendencies. Not the saddest one they've done , I think that would go to First Rule of Love or One Thing Left to Do but something in this song strikes a chord.

Maybe it is the image of the couple in the car driving through the night in silence , maybe it is the simple use of "hon", the wondering at what exactly "the thing we've done" is? My guess is they have both left partners and he has a nagging doubt..

When you're driving with the brakes on
When you're swimming with your boots on
It's hard to say you love someone and its hard to say you don't

Driving with The Brakes on - Del Amitri


  1. My favorite Del Amitri song... a beauty! Deciphering the lyrics is a "can of worms" though... Loads of discussion that it's about the consequences of:
    - an abortion
    - a hit and run
    - an adoption
    - a forced elopement
    - a kid leaving home
    - a murder

    No actual quotes from JC to confirm... interesting interpretations...

    PS: I left you a comment back on December 3, the last Trevor Jones entry. Did you catch it?

    Kudos again on the blog!

    Toronto Tim

  2. Hi Tim

    I had mised your earlier comment but seen it now and thankyou very much for your kind words. I'm glad you like the music. Hopefully you will continue to do the odd post on hissy fit especially if it as good as the BC post.

    I hadnt thought of any of the other interpretations apart form the forced elopement -would love to know what JC had in mind

    havea great xmas tim


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