Monday, 5 December 2011

Misery Monday - Ricky Ross

Misery monday this week turns to remembrance. Ricky Ross's 5th solo lp (if you count the one released pre Deacon Blue) is the one I like best. This is partly due to the production of David Scott who brings some of the Pearlfisher's richness of sound but mainly due to the fact that the songwriting is consistently high

The song for this monday is dedicated to Deacon Blue guitarist Graeme Kelling who died form cancer before the lp was released . It's a great tribute and relates to the final times the 2 spent together.

I know you couldnt see
But I was there to watch you sleep
And I figured out Jesus was wanting you more

In the End - Ricky Ross


  1. Agree with you about Ricky's indifferent solo stuff; this is by far the best...

  2. having said that, i like the fact he has tried something a bit different on each release and I've got more into New recordings the longer time has gone on (I like the general low keyness of it all). There was one awful one though (what are you) which went straight down to oxfam


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