Wednesday, 21 December 2011

novelty part 2

A couple of weeks ago I posted my one novelty record. However this comes close to a second. It cae out on a limited release lp Skellington by Julian Cope (I can still remember buying it in Fopp on the Byres Road). It was ,along with another limited release Droolian which I also had, worth quite abit of money at the time.

As I hardly ever played the lps (Droolian I think I played once and immediately knew I'd never play it again) I eventually decided to sell them both... only for literally the next day the announcement came out that both would shortly get a wider cd release.

My own fault record buying is for listening to gold is for investing in

Anyway this is a heartfelt tribute to Robert Mitchum .... one hell of a guy!

The part in Ryan's Daughter when you lose your wife
I've never seen a more dignified man in my life

Scratch that, I've just looked on Amazon and it seems they are back up to silly prices!

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