Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Year in Film - Best of 2011

This is an even more misleading title than the best of books as I now only really ever see films on dvd or Sky so it is a mix of 2010/11 ie my favourite films I've seen this year. i warn you now as i get older I seem to be getting more populist in my film taste (I blame too many art house films in my 20s). So if you are a fan of Terence Malik then I'd probably look away now!

Here are mine so what are yours?

10 - Somewhere

yes I know nothing happens and who wants to know about the tribulations of privileged films stars, but it is strangely hypnotic

9 - Bridesmaids

Despite the fact i spent the first 20 mins thinking one of the characters was Ricky Gervais in drag, I wasn't too distracted not to spend alot of the time laughing out loud. It is crude and coarse but it has a heart

8 - This Town

Ben Aflecks second feature as director and  he balances some power house performances with the subtlest of touches

7 - The Secret in Their Eyes

Probably has lots of analogies with Argentina's political history, but i enjoyed it as a straight murder mystery / love story. See it now before the usual awful remake

6 - True Grit

Good enough to finally be able to forgive them for having to sit through the Lady killers

5 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Told you I was populist. Amongst the noise and the bangs it is worth it for Alan Rickman's performance as Snape alone

4 - The King's Speech

Populist and predictable. 3 actors at the top of their game

3 - Winter's Bone

Has the US ever seemed such a foreign country as the Us in this film. The central performance is outstandingly good

2 - Animal Kingdom

Plays out like an Australian Scorsese

1 - Social Network

Somehow made geeks , computers and rich kids compelling viewing

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