Saturday, 21 January 2012

Come on home - Tracey Thorn

I've featured Everything But the Girl a couple of times on Life of Live and with the release of 2 recent fantastic solo lps I was hoping maybe Tracey Thorn would be venturing out again. Alas that doesn't seem to be the case, however she has kind of filmed a mini concert in the luxury of her own living room. (well at home anyway) Follow the link to her website here and if you scroll down the right hand sidebar you'll come to the 3 tracks and fall in love with that voice again.

 To complete the set go here to read a interview with Tracey that she gave on the release of Love and Its Opposite


  1. funny the other day , I could not get ' Tears All Over Town ' from Idlewild out of my head . I'd love to see Tracey live again , as I love her solo work .

    at the moment I'm listening to the lilac time before that a bit of chet baker .

  2. Hi Jay reading the interview it doesnt look too promising re live dates

  3. I know she is in the studio working on Xmas songs for a proposed album. That in itself could be quite a touching and intimate affair. I have always love her and Ben live, through all of their musical journey. The most interesting tour had to be the Walking Wounded tour in America. By that time they had a whole new segment of fans expecting intelligent house sounds and they were treated to Mark Eitzel opening with an all acoustic guitar set and then EBTG fairly defiantly, for them, ran through a wonderful set of old faves and occasional current tracks...It was kind of gratifying to "get it" with so many others scratching their heads having no clue that they had folk, jazz and pop in their background.


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