Friday, 27 January 2012

Destined to remain a cult? - Felt

Lawrence , former lead singer of Felt and Denim and now of Go Kart Mozart is one of the pop world's true eccentrics . I love the neatness of his goal with Felt , which he stuck to of 10 singles , 10 lps in 10 years and then split up. I love his obsession with hair and cryptic unwieldy song titles. I love the fact that what must be 30 yrs in the music business and he is still searching for that elusive breakthrough to stardom, but most of all I love his way with a catchy tune.

For the last 3 years filmmaker Paul Kelly followed Lawrence around putting together a film portrait of the man and his mind. The result is Lawrence of Belgravia. The film follows a period of Lawrence's life for times he is effectively homeless living in hostels, however the lows are dealt with swiftly and the focus instead is on what makes Lawrence tick which is a much more interesting place to be

At the start of the film Lawrence moves into a new flat having been evicted , and struggles with the concept painting the walls with the life of a pop star, something he wonders if Lou Reed ever had to do.

It is that contrast of optimistic dreams of pop stardom with the grind of everyday life that is at the core of the film

The Quietus have an interview with Lawrence about the film here and there is a review in the Guardian here
You can see Paul and Lawrence being interviewed about the film here

There is a great website about Lawrence and all his bands here

I've no idea where you can see the film or if it will go on general release. If not hopefully it will be picked up by channel 4 or get a dvd release

In the meantime here are Felt at their jangly best

Rain of Crystal Spires - Felt


  1. I picked up a copy of the 12" of Ballad Of The Band in a sale in Virgin years ago for 50p and it was probably the best 50p I ever spent....

  2. He is certainly single minded - if not slightly deluded. Very sad to hear that he lives in such diminished circumstances. Provided much of the soundtrack of my uni years, especially Crystal Ball and Fortune. Great post, here's hoping I can track a copy of the DVD down sometime.

  3. Hi Scott
    I love Ballad of the Band - great lyrics having a go at a former band member

    RF I think it is that slight delusion that makes him so interesting. It isnt all bleak an new Go Kart Mozart lp is on the cards and his profile has risen through the film


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