Tuesday, 24 January 2012

If you like Talk Talk then ...........

Among all the you have just won £1 million on the lottery and My name is Martika and I want to be your friend emails, I got sent a request from Toby Benjamin who is working on a book on Talk Talk with James Marsh who used to design all their distinctive lp and single covers.

It sounds like it will be a real labour of love

Celebrated illustrator, and Talk Talk cover artist, James Marsh has remastered and chronicled all of the iconic artwork that he produced for the band throughout their 10 year reign in the 80’s. The book will feature James’ original cover concept sketches, hand written lyrics from Mark Hollis, as well as various ephemera, posters, and related items of interest to fans. There will also be lovely unseen photos of the band from 3 sessions with photographer Richard Haughton.
Renowned rock music writer and enormous Talk Talk fan Chris Roberts is writing the main essay and there are also 80 written contributions from bands, label owners, DJs and creatives, all of whom have been inspired or influenced by the music and art of Talk Talk

Among those contributing will be Guy Harvey , Karl Hyde , Sir Peter Blake , Nick McCabe from the Verve , Richard Wright from Pink Floyd, The The's Matt Johnson and as they say many many more.

A website has been set up to get people to register their interest I guess in the hope of getting a decent publishing deal.

The website is here so if you have an interest in the band and their lasting legacy then pop along and register (all this does is keep you up to date with the project's progress

You can buy a lot of James Marsh designs for talk Talk on t shirts and mugs etc here

Finally as a reminder about how good they were

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