Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I'm not being rude hnest!

One of the biggest things i enjoy about writing this blog is when people take the time to leave comments. With this in mind I try and reply to each one quickly.

For some reason Blogger is stopping me from leaving comments on my own blog where someone else has already left a comment ie it makes replying impossible. The blogger forums suggest it is a problem with Internet Explorer and Blogger and that their engineers know about it (the cynic in me thinks that it wont be top of the fix pile as it may encourage people to move to Google's Chrome)

So thanks for all the comments , I'm not ignoring them honest. Hopefully it will get fixed soon and I can catch up.

In the meantime - can I echo Trev's thanks on the tip off from Jay re the ex lead singer of Semisonic's solo lp, tell Echo I also saw EBTG on the Walking Wounded tour and especially thank Drew for his comment re his son which really struck a chord with me

Thanks again and please keep up letting me know your thoughts and listening recommendations


Leave a comment and let me know what you are listening to.