Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Life of Live - 80s rewind

Nowadays rewind / reformation tours are pretty regular. There is the Scottish festival that is about to enter its second year as well as high profile kiss and make ups like the recent Ultravox and Spandau Ballet tours, as well as a number of early 80s band getting back into the studio as have Human League and OMD among others.

However , when a one off concert at Wembley Arena was announced with 3 bands who were at their height in the early to mid 80s I was genuinely excited as it felt like they really had come in from the cold.

Wembley Arena really is an awful shed but at this event the atmosphere was full on before a note had been played. The venue was packed with 30 somethings who  all seemed in the grip of a  big sense of excitement and anticipation

I'd mainly come to see the first 2 bands. ABC opened things up. In the last few years the band has toured on and off but at this time they hadn't been heard of for ages and to hear songs from what is still my favourite lp was a real thrill. By the time the gold jacket made an appearance to fact that it was really Martin Fry and a backing band didn't matter at all.

Next up were the Human League who came on to an endless supply of dry ice , all dressed in black. They ploughed through a greatest hits set that made the shed of the arena feel like an intimate sweaty club

Last up were Culture Club who I never really listened to first time around but Boy George is a born show man and as the singles were trotted out you couldn't help bu be swept along.

The whole thing was almost cabaret , entertainment over art , the drug of nostalgia but all the more fun for it

As I mentioned I was never really into Culture Club ... except this gloriously over the top tune that brings out the inner diva
Victims - Culture Club

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