Saturday, 28 January 2012

Life of Live - The Fleadh

Before music promoters discovered the idea for family and middle aged festivals that have now popped up all over the place , there was the Fleadh. The laid back atmosphere and the type of bands that featured meant that whilst not exactly family friendly it did attract a wider range of music fans quite a few seemed to also bring their kids along.

What started as an Irish music festival had broadened out the bill by the time I started going so that in recent years Crowded House and the Beautiful South has headlined rather than the likes of Van Morrison. You still got to see a load of up and coming Irish bands some more traditional than others, however the main attraction of going the first time was to see James , Mike Scott of the Waterboys and World Party. Although small (one outdoor and one tented stage) the quality of acts meant that throughout the day I wanted to be in 2 places at once ( I think James pipped Billy Bragg after much soul searching)

Seeing World Party was a real thrill as they hadn't played live for ages, partly due to a serious illness that Karl Wallinger had suffered, and being on the tented stage meant I could get down to the front (I'm too much of a wimp to attempt this with the main stage!)

They played a set made up of singles and despite horrendous technical issues they didn't disappoint.

I was less sure of Mike Scott as his solo material hadn't really caught my imagination like the Waterboys did. However he had Ian Mcnabb on bass and Anthony Thistlewaite back in the band and treated us to a greatest hits set. I kind of hoped in the giddy excitement that Karl Wallinger would get invited on stage and a full blown reunion would occur leading to a new waterboys lp. Having since read more of what the 2 have had to say about each other I should have guessed this was never going to happen (I still wonder if they took a sneaky look at each other's set)

I've posted The Mike Scott solo track that would've fitted right in on a follow up to This is the Sea lp if the fiddles hadn't taken over

Love Anyway - Mike Scott

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