Thursday, 19 January 2012

Life of Live - James

The next James concert was once the lp Whiplash had been released. the whole lp is a patchy affair, giving them one of their biggest hits in She's a Star , a track that would continue to be a Live favourite in Tomorrow , but also some techno tinged stuff that didn't really work. At pints it felt like too many cooks with some much going on that the songs didn't have space to breathe. I think it is summed up by the fact that a version of the best track Tomorrow had already appeared on the experimental wah wah lp released just after Laid.

The concert sticks in the mind for the fact Tim Booth came on in a strange long haired mask doing his manic dancing throughout a very long intro to I think Come Home. the fact that he wore the mask on the back of his head meant that as he twisted and twirled he was literally two faced. when he finally whipped it off a big cheer went up for for his new head shaved look. Oh to be a pop star where simply being bald creates hysteria!

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