Monday, 16 January 2012

Misery Monday part 10/26 - Lovetrain

Misery Monday continues the Dear John theme. This time from short lived band Lovetrain who mined the Deacon Blue , Big Dish seam of polished guitar pop. I've posted this track before but it is good enough for a second outing

This one has the kiss off given to someone who can't let go

Can't you leave the past behind
There are better things to think about
The torch you carry should have burnt out long ago

No you never cross my mind
And I don't have time to to talk about
Some good old days that took an age to gain their rosy glow.

But the killer for me comes at the end

No you never cross my mind
Except about this time of year
When trees are bare and Autumn rain falls down like tears

Torch You Carry - Lovetrain

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