Monday, 23 January 2012

Misery Monday - Semisonic

On my first trip to the states, me and the wife to be drove for 3 weeks around California scanning the airwaves listening to American Radio. One band Semisonic were on what seemed like every station every hour with their track Closing Time. Beaten into submission we bought the lp at a stop off. Overall it is pretty straightforward catchy pop/rock songs that seemed like they were made for the radio.

The last track though combined some Beatley strings with a tale of letting love slip away

Gone to the Movies - Semisonic

Now the rain comes down the windows and it
Drops onto the forehead of the waiting boy
He surveys his rental kingdom and he
Wonders if he's really lost his joy

Another fool would go down to the
Only place she went to lose herself
She's gone to the movies now and she don't need your help

Now the rain turns into snowfall as the
City sky reflects the silver street below
And it covers up the cars and the Wall-
Flowers cd ended half an hour ago

Another fool would dig the broken car out from the snow
And drive to find the show
She's gone to the movies now and she's not coming home
She's gone to the movies now and she's not coming home

Now he looks around his place and anyways
There's nowhere she could sit besides the bed
And he wonders if the car will start tomorrow
Or he'll have to take the bus instead

Any other fool would be out on the roadway
Trying to spot her rusted Pontiac
She's gone to the movies now and she's not coming back


  1. This album a favourite car album of mine for a long time (way back when). Americans seem to do this well; a bit of Crowded House, a bit of Beatles, all with a compelling undercurrent of sadness; strangely addictive.
    See also:
    Duncan Sheik
    The Rembrandts
    David Mead
    David Saw
    Jules Shear

  2. its a great album , one of my favourite tracks is Singing in my Sleep . I really like 'free life' by dan wilson by the lead singer of semisonic .

  3. Just ordered 'Free Life'. Thanks for the 'heads up'.

  4. And it's just arrived' cracking Rik Rubin production.
    That 'undercurrent of sadness' (quoting myself again) very much to the fore...

  5. I've got it too not as sure although it seems a classic grower


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