Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My Indie Past - Weather Prophets

Formed by main man Peter Astor after the messy break up of early Creation signings The Loft (also taking one of the Lofts best songs with them in Why Does the rain), big things were expected of the Weather Prophets who hit the sweet spot of thoughtful lyrics and jangly guitars.

As a result Alan McGee who managed the band got them signed after some early singles on Creation to a major label off shoot. The resulting lp Mayflower didn't quite really take off and the band were eventually dropped.

Peter Astor went on to have a still going strong solo career , including recording under the name Wisdom of Harry.

Short lived maybe but they left behind this  glorious bit of jangly pop that takes me back to being at poly in leeds and trawling the racks of Jumbo records searching for the next jangletastic tune (the heady days of student grants)

You can find a fuller biog here. I think Mayflower is now one of those lost lps that goes for silly money on ebay however there is a compilation of the Creation material that you can get here  


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