Thursday, 26 January 2012

Not Another Singer Songwriter - Ally Kerr

Not sure how I've missed Ally Kerr especially as he ticks 3 ofthe boxes on my list of music I like.. by 
A) being Scottish
B) being a singer songwriter
C) being compared to Belle and Sebastian

It took an appearance on a great compilation cd sent to me that got me finding out more

He has released 2 lps with a 3rd on the way. Both Off the Radar and Calling out to You are full of sweetly sung , deceptively simple , addictively catchy pop songs.

I get the Belle and Sebastian comparisons but if anything he reminds me more of The Hit Parade who I've written about a few times on the blog.

Lie a crispy creme doughnut to much of Ally in one go could leave you with a strange hankering for some death metal but each lp on its own gives you 40 mins of humming along with a smile on your face... although the pretty tune do hide a bite in the lyrics.

I've posted one of the more reflective tracks from the 2nd lp

You can buy both lps signed by Ally here at his website and they are both as good as each other

Finally here is the video for the gorgeous  There's a World


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