Friday, 6 January 2012

Pining for Glasgow

Sometimes I do miss living in Glasgow and now is one of those times. Not only are  Love and Money playing a gig to preview their new lp but I've just found out that for 1 night only Big Dish are reforming to play a selection from their 3 lps.

I first saw the band in Leeds Poly Becketts Park band night. Becketts park was where the halls of residence are for the poly and every tues they used to have a band play to a load of people more interested in drinking as much cheap beer as possible than listening to a band play(not the best audience)

The first week on my first year it was the Big Dish who kept everyone hooked and went down so well that they eventually ran out of songs and had to replay part of their set. For future Tuesdays that was a good as it got.

Anyway Jan the 21st will see the band play their one off gig as part of the Celtic Connections festival at the ABC in Glasgow. You can get tickets here   and if you do get a ticket then I'm immensely jealous


  1. by a strange twist of fate.....I will be away from Glasgow on that very day going down to London to see Butcher Boy.

    But my boss has tickets for The Big Dish.

  2. Happy new year JC

    it is a double whammy for me as I'm away from london and so will miss the butcher boy gig which I wanted to go to

  3. Love 'Exit Music' by Steven Lindsay; for some reason I never really got into The Big Dish; they seemed a little pallid to me.
    I enjoyed similar bands at the time; The Adventures, Orange Juice, Friends Again, Aztec Camera, I think that my reservation was something to do with the lyrics. Strange as it sounds great now; I also find myself eating spinach now and... rather liking it.

  4. Have you heard is other solo lp - came out just after exit music, called kite , slightly more upbeat , only slightly mind

    I know what you mean the production on early stuff did sail close to being a bit bland , but the songs got their hooks in. It was the 2nd lp Creeping up on Jessu that really did it for me

  5. I'll look into 'Creeping...'
    I did get 'Kite' but was a little disappointed; liked the Pixies cover but there didn't seem to be any progression to me. I'm not sure why that might be a criticism as there are many 'one trick ponies' out there who hold my attention. Di loves his stuff, uses it as background for her photo galleries; maybe that's my reservation; it's all a bit 'background'. Starting to sound like a curmudgeon now so will stop; his best stuff (Breakdown/November) is beautiful...

  6. I think Exit music was partly driven by the break up with his wife .... back to the sad songs debate again!

  7. I think I'm with the wrong girl; far too happy; who wants to hear about smug lovebirds? Misery loves company...

  8. Its wierd - the happier I am the more I like sad songs. I guess the light is brightest when you can see the shade

  9. Blimey Dave, that's a good line.
    Share the royalties?

  10. A thnakyou on the cd cover notes would be enough!

    Not as good as the lyric i co wrote for the one track band i was in at school ("the insistant porpoises" where i sang and played swan whistle)

    The song was called Matin's Lurid jumper and the chorus went

    "It maybe hairy and it may be green
    Its stretched way past the point of pristine

    Martin's lurid jumper ooo eee ooo"

    A lost classic!

  11. 'Pristine' and 'lurid' in a pop song's chorus?
    You're good, you are...


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