Saturday, 7 January 2012

Places to visit

Thought I'd give a mention to a few of the blogs I've been visiting, apart from the usual ones in the sidebar all of which remain as good as ever.

First up is Side room singles. When you only post once or twice a month they had better be good ones. This Australian bog is basically a trawl through the authors 7 inch singles posted 10 at a time in the order that the are piled up . It makes for some great mixtures. Not sure how long / many more singles they have to go but it is worth going back over the archive - even if just to see the covers

Next up is the glorious Waiting for the Night Boat that has some classic 12 inch singles from the 80s

Sunset on Slawit has another blog on the go - The Mixtape blog which kind of does what it says on the tin ie the posts make up one endless mix tape of loosely themed songs

For those who want more insightful book reviews than I could ever do the you should visit Seamus's blog here. The blog features the challenge of reading 100 books in a year (2011). Although I hope he keeps going this year now I've given a link!

Scott Pack is a publisher who also runs a blog that is good for picking up on titles that can slip under the radar and he is found at Me and My Big Mouth

For all things indie go to the This River Will Never Run Dry, it uses indie in its loosest definition and features some great and unusual stuff.

Finally for a complete nostalgia trip go to Like Punk Never Happened where you can view complete issues of Smash Hits (currently up to early 1982) Be warned once you start you won't be able to stop


  1. Really like some of these links David; esp 'Me and My Big Mouth'.
    Excuse me for being dense but how do I link them to my blog?

  2. Thanks for the mention. You're right, I no longer know what "indie" means... :-)

    Good to hear someone post about The Big Dish too. Another great late-80s, Northern English/Scottish, intelligent pop band who didn't quite have any hits. Trashcan Sinatras have come back quite successfully so why not. Maybe the Danny Wilson revival starts here.

    'European Rain' was The Big Dish's nearest miss, if memory serves. Lovely song.


  3. Hi Stephen
    Thanks for the comment and all the great posts


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