Saturday, 25 February 2012

Late Again - Destroyer

A big thanks to Tim who does an occasional series of posts over at Hissy Fit for writing about this in a way that made me go straight on to Spotify to give it a listen and then straight down to hmv to buy a copy.

Destroyer are not a death metal band but the recording name of Canadian Daniel Bejar , contributor the New Pornographers , who has released numerous solo lps and eps since 1995.

Starting off citing Pavement as an influence, this latest lp Kaputt has seen a bit of a major shift in style.

If you didn't know any better you would think this was recorded by someone in the UK in about 1984 , someone who had taken early Prefab Sprout , Avalon period Roxy Music, a smidgen of Tin Drum and a bit of Power Corruption and Lies and  mixed them all together.

Add in Steely Dan , well not Steely Dan direct but all those mid 80s bands that were inspired by Steely Dan and you have Kaputt

There is a great sense of humour running through the lyrics and enough quirky chord changes that would keep Paddy McAloon happy.

It is one of those albums that you hear something new every time you listen to it. Out last year , it would have been close to the top of my best of if I'd bought it when it came out

you can buy Kaputt by Destroyer here - go on take a punt

I've posted the opening track, it is pretty representative or as much as it can be when the the lp also has a 20 min track that doesnt begin to outstay its welcome

Chinatown  - Destroyer


  1. Hi, just took a cyber-break for a few days. I find I need to discipline myself to keep from becoming a potato.I see you and Trev have had a great movie chat. Terrific topic. You nicked my first choice right off... "Shawshank Redemption." I think it's probably my favorite film of all time. May join in your chat later.
    I was thrilled that you gave Kaputt a decent listen. I never nag people about things I've recommended, since I'm aware that taste is very subjective. If someone isn't impressed I don't get offended anymore. But it is a joy though when someone "gets it." You and Trev have been listening to so much of that traditional English folk music lately, I thought you might have lost your taste for the avant-garde. Glad you're still funkified!.
    I've listened to this thing dozens of times, a great 'in the car' album, head bobbing! As you said it's a puzzle waiting to be solved... "I've heard that bit, but where?"
    When I excitedly and hastily knocked off that E-mail to Trev, I cited Swoon-era lyrical eccentricity. I was worried that I may have fed you guys bad info, but I've later read a few reviews confirming my notion, including in a nice review (5 *****) in "The Guardian" there by a guy named Alexis Petridis. He gushed on quite a bit, alluding to Swoon, Talk Talk, Sylvian etc. and used words that Trev would know, like "etiolated" and "abstruse"... really, check it out! For me, I'll call the whole album fun! Anyway, I still don't know if the lyrics are clever or stupid, but like the music they are somehow insidious and unpredictable! I read an interview where Behar stated that he devised the lyrics in a manner that corporations would never want to use them for advertising. "Christine... White" does that sound Paddyesque?
    4am... Good night!

  2. There seems to be a bizarre serendipity/synchronicity to our thoughts (see my blog today); it's almost as if we're morphing into something... singular.

  3. I should have given some context to the "Christine White" reference for those not 'into' the album. It comes from the charmingly titled cut "Bay Of Pigs." Clocks in at over 11 minutes... not long enough! Love the BGV's all over the album, very Wendy-ish.

    A few favorite Earworms:
    "Hey, Mystic Prince Of The Purlieu At Night! I heard your record it's alright..."
    "I was poor in love. I was poor in wealth. I was OK in everything else there was."
    "I was a hopeless romantic, you were swine.You got to spend money to make money. You got to stop calling me "honey"...
    "King Of The Everglades: Population 1. I write poetry for myself! I write poetry for myself..."
    Qualify as "pretentious" Dave?

  4. This is what I love about blogging. I would never have gone near this in a million years if tim hadn't written about it


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