Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Life of Live - James Grant

Update - I've now put the correct link up (although apols as in wma format which means you wont be able to preview it). Strangely this was originally going to be a Love and Money song until it eventually surfaced on Sawdust in My Veins, and I think a version will appear on the new love and money lp Devil's Debt

James Grant , formally of Friends Again and Love and Money, is still the best singer and guitarist that most people have never heard of. I saw him lay a small venue in London in the midst of the set of solo lps he put out that seemed to get mellower with each release.

I just remember the the set being quite reflective with even the more upbeat songs draped in a world weariness. The crowd was sparse which was a real shame as the quality of the playing matched his flawless vocals.

I've posted one of his more mellow songs which gives a flavour of the intimacy his was able to generate

A voice to melt to - or at least have a malt with

This is the Last Time - James Grant

I wait with bated breath for the new Love and Money lp due out later this year


  1. Ditto... One the best voices around. So many outta Scotland!
    Thrilled to hear of new L&M album! My faves so far: Winter, Give Up, Jocelyn Square, Last Ship...

  2. I think that pretty much sums up my favs as well but would add strange kind of love and form teh 1st lp (by far the patchiest) Dear john

  3. Haven't heard that one. How come the scots talk funny but sound normal?
    Also, check MP3 link...


  4. my brother will be thrilled to hear about a new love or money lp , thanks .

  5. Hi Jay

    apparently they have/are about to preview it on a one off concert in glasgow

  6. Ok, now you're starting to freak me out; Grant's 'My Fathere's Coat' is the subject of my blog tomorrow!
    What colour undies am I wearing?

  7. You're good, you are... this is like Groundhog Day; one of the benefits of the aging process eh?
    New PB album on the way I hear btw... solo piano and voice; another one of my great (too late) ideas hits the fan...

  8. I dont think it is aging just an unhealthy fixation i must have with superman underpants!

    I'd not heard that it was this yeare re PB - i'd heard the solo voice and piano bit but was expecting a usual 8 year wait!


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