Monday, 13 February 2012

Misery Monday - Music Without Words part 1

Misery monday this week kicks off a bit of a mini theme on instrumentals. Being obsessed with lyrics I don't buy a lot of instrumental lps and dont play any ad hoc tracks that often (Low and Heroes being an exception) I fully accept that this is one of my many failings and that I'm missing out on a load of excellent music.

This week then I'm going to break this pattern and play tracks from 5 instrumental lps (even then one is a bit of a cheat as it features film dialogue) which give or take a couple are the only ones I own.

First up is Eric Satie ( the only lp I own that can be loosely described as classical - again my  loss I know), a french composer who sounds as if he was the Brian Eno of his day , referring to himself as among other things phonometrician (meaning someone who measures sounds) and flirting with the dada movement

For misery monday, I've chosen perhaps his most famous work and wonderful bit of piano based melancholy.

His influence can be felt in a lot of modern music and David Sylvian must have been listening very closely when he wrote Nightporter

You can buy  a selection of his work here

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