Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Music Without Words part 2

Today's post is part 2 of the instrumental mini theme and the first of 2 soundtracks. Ubiquitous on male students walls in the late 80s, Betty Blue was one of the rush of achingly stylish and achingly French films that began to appear at the time, (it also had a lot of shagging in it) It  had one of the best opening lines in "I had known Betty a week" - although admittedly this doesn't really work on the page)

The soundtrack , a couple of accordion driven jaunts aside, is a a collection of coolly mellow pieces to lose yourself in. Composed by Gabriel Yared who went on to compose the soundtracks to a number of American films, a number I've seen and none of which as uniquely compelling as the one he did for Betty Blue.

Betty and Zorg - Betty Blue soundtrack


  1. Great film; once you get past the first 5 minutes (if you can, without hitting 'slo mo' or 'pause') it's a beautifully shot and well acted drama; almost Shakespearian in its tragedy... maybe it has been under valued because of the raunch... might have to review as a 'grown up'...

  2. One of the few where the film is a hell of a lot better than the book


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