Wednesday, 15 February 2012

music without words part 3

I first came across Craig Armstrong as sometime member of Big Dish. He seemed to appear doing string arrangements on a lot of lps I bought in the late 80s/ early 90s and from then it was a natural progression to film soundtracks including Baz Luhrmann's modern update of Romeo and Juliet.

He initially released a couple of solo lps of largely instrumental work with a few guest vocal tracks thrown in, which were followed by one of piano pieces (piano works) a compilation of his film work and lastly a violin concerto called Memory Takes My Hand

This track is the opening one from his first lp The Space Between us and is pretty representative of his instrumental work from this period

Weather Storm - Craig Armstrong

You can buy the Space Between us here which is worth getting for one track on its own , This Love featuring Elizabeth Fraser on vocals

If you want to hear more then I suggest you go to his website here which features pretty much everything he has worked on film score wise although it skims over his pop background


  1. you know I never knew craig was a sometime member of Big Dish .

    Im quite a fan of his , I'll often check out a film score if hes composed it .

    one my favourite music without words artists is robin guthrie is work with harold budd on the soundtrack for mystrious skin is pretty stunning .

  2. Thanks Jay, I'll try and seek that out and give it a listen

  3. One of my favourite music without words artists is an Irish group called GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT. All their music is very inspirational and makes you want to get up off your arse and run up a mountain as fast as possible, if not then float around in space!!!

    Check out this song called ZODIAC

  4. thanks for the link - want to listen to it for the name of the band alone!

  5. Did you get a chance to listen?
    I have posted their ep on my blog.


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