Thursday, 16 February 2012

Music Without Words part 4

My only other soundtrack is Vangelis's score for Bladerunner. A great case where sounds and vision is a perfect fit. Even without reference to the film if you heard the music I'm sure some future landscape would form in your mind.

What I didn't realise that due to some depute Vangelis blocked the release of the soundtrack at the time of the film's release so the studio hired some session musicians to "recreate" the score and it was 12 years after the release of the film for the original soundtrack to be released.

I've cheated a bit with this one as the track I've chosen feautres Rutger Hauer's  classic dying speech which I think the actor came up with himself.

Tears in the Rain - Vangelis


  1. I watched Blade Runner last night; it still packs a mighty punch; particularly Hauer's death scene (which he did write himself).
    The soundtrack reminded me in retrospect of Clint Mansell's work on 'The Fountain' and 'Requiem for a Dream'.
    Mansell (ex Pop Will Eat Itself) uses more strings but the otherwordliness of it all is familiar to both.
    My fav' soundtrack (by a mile) is a bit more traditional: Ennio Morricone's music for the brilliant (and very long) 'Once Upon a Time in America'.
    His work for 'Cinema Paradiso' is equally potent. Buy, buy, buy (but see the films first to get context).

  2. one of my favourite films , my pick on the soundtrack would be ' up and running ' . btw ever behind the times I heard the title track to the movie Drive called ' A real hero ' by a band called College
    and i thought 'so vangelis' its a pretty cool track - worth a listen .

    its the first track on this mix via sound cloud

  3. Hi Trev
    top fact - I really like the music to the Fountain but would never have guessed at the pop will eat itself history

    Hi Jay - good call on the Drive music - it fits the whole 80s vibe the film has to perfection

  4. I loved 'Drive' and its cold atmosphere; reminded me of Michael Mann's 'Collateral' with the dispassionate, almost disinterested protagonist; which makes the sudden violence all the more effecting (see also 'The Killer Inside Me').
    Drive's 80s soundtrack all part and parcel of its strangely present/removed world...

  5. totally agree with the violence - when it comes it is a real shock. This is the film that Miami vice should have been (Mann's only misfire I think)


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