Thursday, 2 February 2012

Strange Covers - Kiss Me

This strange cover post is strange because it is a cover of the artist's own song. In his Tin Tin days, Stephen Duffy's big breakthrough came with Kiss me

The version that appears on the compilation Memory and Desire is a radical reworking with the song fed through the pastoral lilac time filter

Kiss Me With Your Mouth - Stephen Duffy

You can buy Memory and Desire a double cd anthology of Duffy's career from Tin Tin to the Lilac Time here


  1. Love this version.As Duffy says himself in the album notes he'finally nailed it'
    Tel Aviv
    Currently listening to ep's by Cue Fanfare,a band whose name suggests, rather like all things McAloon!

  2. Hi Phil

    with a name like cue fanfare I just to got to give them a listen


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