Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bit on the Side - Pajama Club

So what do you do when the kids leave home , go on holidays , take up golf , get an allotment ...or start a new band.

Neil Finn's latest side project is with his wife Sharon and in an effort to keep it as non Crowded Housey as possible Neil took the seat behind the drum kit.

He is quoted as saying "Some people aren't gonna get it; it's not as 'songy', in a traditional way, as Crowded House"

I'm probably one of those. It is very groove and rhythm based although there are still echoes of the Beatles on some tracks as there often are with Crowded House.

Apparently the music came first and then Neil Finn wrote lyrics around the backing track which is apparently  the opposite approach to the one taken with Crowded House.

To be fair I've not really given the lp a chance (I got it with a few others and it kind of got lost in the rush)

I've posted one track which I think bridges a Crowded House sound with the rest of the LP

Daylight - Pajama Club

You can get the lp direct from the band website here and there is also a free track if you join the mailing list


  1. Daylight is one of my favourite songs off the album,along with Dead Leg,Tell Me What You Want and TNT For Two (of which the video clip is due out soon I hear)Saw them play in Sydney last Wednesday night,which is the 3rd time I have seen them live.
    One of the best albums of 2011 IMHO

  2. Hi Tabatha

    I wrote this post some time ago and the lp has really gorwn on me since then. i agree with your other choices of the best tracks as well


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