Sunday, 18 March 2012

Lazy Sunday - Madness

Lazy Sunday and top of the shuffle pile this week is a bit of the more gown up side of Madness. Part of a run of more melancholic singles that started with Michael Caine that I always liked more than the whacky early stuff.

I like the fact that at this point they are confident enough to leave the chorus until 2 mins in

One Better Day - Madness


  1. I'm a big supporter of the more "mannered" Madness. I think with maturity, the band turned into a classic Pop band. This is why I really enjoy listening to 2009's The Liberty of Norton Folgate!

  2. Hi Echo

    that got really good reviews here when it was out - always thought madness as a "singles band" but keep meaning to give this one a go


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