Saturday, 10 March 2012

Life of Live - Boo Hewerdine

Despite attempts with the Departure Lounge I was soon back in the comforting surroundings of a small venue somewhere listening to Boo Hewerdine. The concerts about this time were mainly completely acoustic and solo which reflected where his music was going. The "Nick Drake "phase of lps and eps aren't my favourite, individually the songs are all still great, but  just together over the whole lp maybe a tad too mellow and for me missing a bit of the light and shade of his best. However, live they really shone, with an audience captured by a voice and a guitar, with the spell only broken by his between song stories. Anyone who has seen his blog will have an idea of how funny he can be.

Anon mainly features  voice and guitar but on this track the piano takes the lead and maybe that point of difference is why it has stayed my favourite from the lp

Roundabout - Boo Hewerdine

You can buy Anon here


  1. The jazz chordings of The Bible haven't endured quite as well as the quieter solo stuff. Love 'Roundabout' and particularly 'The Birds Are Leaving'.
    He's a funny man is Boo, but have you tried looking him in the eye?

  2. I like those 2 as well - just think it all got a bit 1 paced, which is why I love Harmograph the lp he did of songs he'd written for others - it aslo saw him back with Neil MacCol whose guitar playing adds something that was missiing in the last few lps


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