Saturday, 3 March 2012

Life of Live - The Departure Lounge

I've no idea why I went to see the Departure Lounge. I remember I didn't have the debut cd, although I bought it at the gig. Maybe it was a realisation I was in danger of just alternating between James and Boo Hewerdine and wanted one last spurt of going to to see new music. The gig was at the very odd Jazz Cafe.

Tim Keegan had formed the band with friends from Brighton and the specialised in a soft slightly woozy type of music under pinned with catchy melodies and slightly fuzzy guitars mixed with strings and woodwind

They went on the record 2 more lps before disbanding and Tim Keegan now records solo and plays on and off with Robyn Hitchcock.

Live the guitars were turned up a bit, although still subtle enough not to over power the songs or Keegan's fragile voice.

I've posted the lead off track from the debut lp the aptly titled Music for Pleasure

The band's website is here where you can listen to some tracks from the 2nd and 3rd lp

Music for Pleasure - the Departure Lounge

you can buy the 3 lps very cheaply here


  1. Like Mr Keegan's solo stuff but prefer this (it's inevitably the entry point that endures).
    Agree about The Jazz Cafe. I saw the Go Betweens there and it was hard to hear the banter for all of the rattling cutlery up in the galleries... the next time I went I got my revenge; we ate up in the gods and I set the table on fire (an unnoticed napkin on a candle). I think I'm still barred; no biggie...

  2. I've not heard the solo stuff but it is true about the entry point enduring - must nebe something about the hard wired behaviour of needing to discover


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