Thursday, 29 March 2012

Life of Live - James

"Can't sing , can't act , can dance a bit"

Following on from the greatest hits whose success must have exceeded their wildest expectations, James released the bright and shiny Millionaires. Full of chart friendly choruses hopes must have been high.

However you got the sense that the singles and lp didnt do as well as everyone expected. Certainly some of the songs have come across much better live especially the lead off single I know What I'm here for.

I remember hearing some of the new songs live and thinking the lp will be a killer (having said that I'd thought the same about the patchy Whiplash)

The second single really should have been a massive hit. Probably their straightest love song it stalled at 14 and I think it would have done a lot better if it had been the first single

Just Like Fred Astaire - James

And here it is on Later

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