Monday, 12 March 2012

Misery Monday part 18/26 - Steven Lindsay

In one of those weird synchronicity moments there have been a few random posts on the Big Dish on blogs I read recently, maybe prompted by the fact that they recently played a one off reunion concert.

After disappearing for an eon after the break up of the band , Steven Lindsay eventually returned with the little heard lp Exit Music. Built around the break up with his wife the lp contains a number of simple piano based sad songs. It is one of those lps best avoided if you and your loved one are having issues, it is music to wallow in.

Listening to his voice, I cant help but think of the lps he could have made in a sabbatical that was up there with the Blue Nile

Shoot the Breeze - Steven Lindsay

Did you ever feel anything at all

You can buy Exit Music here (there was a follow up Kite which is a slightly jauntier affair... although only just)


  1. Love this album; works as a whole; always makes me think of David Gray's 'White Ladder for some reason. They've both held up well...

  2. Hi Trev agree it is one of those that works best as a whole. i laso like the follow up Kite although i think youve mentioned you werent as sure with that one

  3. I like 'Kite'; it just didn't capture me in the same way as the debut; that 'entry point' argument again maybe... 'Monkey Gone to Heaven' works well, but breaks his spell...

  4. That's just lovely, thank you. Music to wallow in, indeed :).

  5. Hi Greer

    glad you lik eit the rest of the lp is just as good

  6. Fans of Steven can get some more info from our fan site at :

  7. Hi Glenn

    thanks for the link - a great site


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