Monday, 26 March 2012

Misery Monday - Troy

This picks up form last week's Misery Monday but we move on form bitterness to full on anger of the woman used. From Sinead O' Connor's debut lp this can only be autobiographical

I remember it
Dublin in a rainstorm

The song moves from sadness, regret to anger and eventually as a sense of personal strength. It has a roller coaster of confused emotion and an intensity that can only come from that first important love

There is the soft start of that voice backed by the strings

and I wander where you when to
and when did the light die

As the defiance builds so does the music

You should have the light on 
Then I wouldn't have tried
You would have never known

For me this is always the one that shows emotion rubbed raw and not a teardrop on mtv

Troy - Sinead O Connor

She has a new lp out that is getting some great reviews even with the noise of blink and you miss it marriages which you can get here

The greatest hits really showcases just how brave she can be with her choices whilst keeping a pop savvy sound

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