Wednesday, 28 March 2012

name that artist

There is a piece of music that I just cant stop playing at the moment. Seven minutes of gorgeousness that gets me hitting repeat when it is on in the car.

So a bit of a quiz... who is it. Now there is no fun in googling so just focus on the voice and have a guess.

who is this?

If you are a bit stuck

They've been a way for a while doing other things,

One of their biggest hits was originally written for Michael Jackson

They were on at Live Aid but not in their own right

I'll post the answer in a couple of days


  1. Although the music is different from his past work there's no mistaking that voice!
    Tel Aviv

  2. Beautiful song, but I'm stumped...
    I would have sworn it was Dire Straits with some guest vocalist, but none of the pieces fit. The suspense is killing me, but it is fun!
    "Name That Artist"... Great idea for a REGULAR FEATURE!

  3. Answer in a couple of days

    Tim - final clue - has a link to the sprouts

  4. Are you kidding? Haven't heard of ------ ----- in ages!
    Tough one. But fair... Phil's a winner!
    Man, your clues didn't help at all. MJ & Liveaid?
    Quite a departure. Funny coz one of Trev's new CC songs has same title as a great track off of A&H...
    There's my quiz back to you. Got it?
    Great fun! Now I can sleep...


  5. I've no idea. Stumped. I'm normally good at this. Sounds like Knopfler on guitar. Mile and the Mechanics maybe?
    Aaah got it: Thomas frickin Dolby!!!
    Is it?

  6. Doh, sorry. Kind of gave the game away... great track though.
    Kind of p*ssed to find that he's also got a track called 'I Love You Goodbye'.
    Another great idea I though was mine alone; along with double denim and square sausages.

  7. First listen and WOW what a tune.
    Still had to google it, has he done other stuff like this.
    I only know of the early 80's electro stuff, so different!
    I think I'll get the album but will definetly get the track.

  8. Just listen to the album samples via Amazon, it's now on my hit list.

  9. I found the whole album very patchy but '17 Hills'and 'To The Lifeboats'are both excellent tracks.Listen to the opening of 'To The Lifeboats' and tell me that doesn't sound like Miracle Mile!
    Oh,'Oceanea' is a cracking track aswell,with Eddi Reader on vocals.
    Tel Aviv

  10. Thanks for all the comments - the album is a bit patchy and 17 hills is the best thing on it but I think it did suffer from the fact i liked this track so much the others didnt have time to breathe (anyone got any other examples where one track is so good it tends to overshadow the whole lp) However the lp is starting to grow on me more and more as a whole

    I love you goodbye is along with Flat earth my favourite TD song its gorgoeous (If you liked 17 hills David - see if you can listen to a sample of I Love You Goodbye from the astronauts and Heretics lp )

  11. Bugger! Just downloaded the whole album, I'll give it a go as 17 Hills is majestic.
    Spotify is brilliant, not as instantly likeable as 17 hills but good.
    I seem to have missed the Thomas Dolby boat, what's the best compilation out there?

  12. This one is good and only £1.99...

  13. "I Love You Goodbye"... my favorite chugging electro-Cajun hybrid! Here's a groovy video:
    That's TD's wife Kathleen Beller dancing on the pier (Canadian, eh!)
    Trev, sorry about the title disclosure. Surely you must have 'Astronauts & Heretics' in the attic/loft? You can always change the punctuation. Add a !, ?, ..., or tag on 'bitch' (a rap song?).
    Checked all of Dave's trivia clues... all true! 'Hyperactive' written for MJ, played with Bowie at Liveaid, of course the gimme was Sprout's producer. I'm good at music trivia games but you guys would smoke me.
    Back to "17 Hills"... that is Knopfler on guitar! Dolby has a "channel" on Youtube with expansive video of production of "17 Hills" here:

  14. PS: Thanks Dave for the "trivial pursuit." I'm passing a brutal kidney stone... Ouch!!! This has been a wonderful diversion...

  15. Cheers Tim and thanks for the youtube link
    David dont get me wrong i think the whole lp is worth getting


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