Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Request Time - The Blue Nile

I've had a couple of requests recently to repost the non lp tracks from the Blue Nile. Apologies that this makes it the laziest post going but this is what I wrote back in April last year

A couple of days ago I wrote about Nileism the biography of the Blue Nile. I had hoped of details of lost lps just waiting to be released. Alas no although there is a rumour mentioned of a burning of the tapes of abandoned songs.

However, the author does talk about some out-takes from the first 2 lps. In a weird bit of synchronicity I stumbled on a blog that had posted these very tracks. How they had got them I've no idea but a massive thank you to Big Plans For Everybody

The first is an outtake from Walk Across the Rooftops and whilst immediately recognisable as Blue Nile the use of the prominent piano does show how it didn't fit with the rest of the lp

St Katherine's Day - Blue Nile

The next 3 are outtakes from around the time of recording Hats. Broadway in the Snow especially I think would have fitted in just fine, Christmas maybe and Young Club perhaps a bit too close to Headlights in feel and sounds more of a bridge between the first and second lps so would have jarred

So there we are  - as they aren't on any lp I'll keep these links up rather than the usual thing of taking them down after a couple of months
Rumours of a Paul Buchanan solo lp gather pace ...... however not sure I'll be doing any breath holding just yet


  1. Dave, all of these outtakes are on a double album 'Patience is a Virtue' a mixed bag BUT you can download it for free here:

  2. Doh; link seemingly defunked...

  3. Hi Trev

    I think I may have got them from the same place - there wer a load of remixes as well as early b sides and the lost first single I Love This Life"

  4. Thank you for this!

    - Fred

  5. for a real Blue Nile/ PB treat check out mrsherco's channel on you tube


  6. No problem Fred - I'm going to do a post on your band next month - really liked the songs on the link

    Thanks of rthe link anon I'll head over to youtube


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