Thursday, 22 March 2012


For a while now there have been rumours of a Paul Buchanan solo lp , however with his track record in The Blue Nile I wasn't holding my breath. However after visiting hissyfit and choking on my cornflakes ............

This is what Trev posted ....PAUL BUCHANAN ANNOUNCES MID AIR

Paul Buchanan, mainstay of Glaswegian soulful pop perfectionists The Blue Nile, will release his debut solo album ‘Mid Air’ on May 21st 2012 on Newsroom Records via Essential. ‘Mid Air’ will feature 14 songs written, performed and produced by Paul Buchanan and was recorded at home, at a friend's house on the East Coast of Scotland, and at Gorbals Sound in Glasgow, a new state of the art studio in Glasgow. Tracklisting is below

1. Mid Air
2. Half The World
3. Cars In The Garden
4. Newsroom
5. I Remember You
6. Buy A Motor Car
7. Wedding Party
8. Two Children
9. Summer’s On Its Way
10. My True Country
11. A Movie Magazine
12. Tuesday
13. Fin De Siècle
14. After Dark

The album will be made available in a number of different formats. A standard 14 track version of the CD & 180 gram vinyl (w/ download) will be available in your local stores. There will be a digital version, with the option of 320kbps MP3, FLAC or Apple Lossless. Lastly there is a deluxe 2CD boxset, limited to 2000 numbered copies, which will only be made available from Paul's website This version features a 20 page 7" booklet with photos taken by Paul and lyrics. More importantly there is a 2nd CD with 10 tracks that are not available anywhere else. The tracklisting to the 2nd CD is below.

1. Have You Ever Been Lonely?
2. My True Country (Piano)
3. After Dark (Instrumental)
4. Two Children (Piano)
5. Lost
6. Tuesday (Instrumental)
7. Half The World (Demo)
8. A Movie Magazine (Instrumental)
9. Mid Air (Demo)
10. God Is Laughing

With Kate Bush releasing 2 lps in a year and now this what is the world coming to?


  1. Cornflakes? It's the Shredded Wheat that'll get you.
    And please note that if you go to you can download a free track, 'My True Country', from Mid-Air.

  2. I've got the order in for the box set edition and been heard to mumble "my precious" in my sleep

  3. I'm quite stunned I thought we could be waiting for ages ! great news !

    at the moment I'm listening to Echoes by Will Young and a bit of Death Cab for Cutie .

  4. The rumour only seemed to start a couple of weeks ago and here's confirmation ( and a free track ) already.I'm still in shock!
    and I'm still not giving up on a new Prefab Sprout album in the Autumn.This could be a hell of a good year for new releases.
    Currently listening to the debut album by the Kingfishers.Monica Queen singing covers by Orange Juice,Bourgie Bourgie,Subway Sect along with some originals,all backed by the brilliant Leopards.An excellent album.
    Tel Aviv

  5. Hi Phil

    I think it first started in the recent Tinseltown book (outlate last year) which talked about a solo lp of songs set to piano.

    The Spouts one does sound like it could be on although it has gone abit quiet

    the kingfishers sound interesting

  6. So I gather from the teaser MP3 that this will be an album of songs that all sound kinda like "Easter Parade" and "From a Late Night Train".

    I'm totally okay with that.

  7. Hi Anon
    in some kind of weird torure I've not listened to the preview track I'm hanging on until the luxurious box set arrives! - Originally I think it was going to be a vocal and piano lp (that was what was mentioned in the biography from last year) not sure if that is stil lteh czse but would suggest the slower songs and liek you I'm okay with that (although to be honest I', okay with anything he puts out)
    Hi David - This a new deacon blue lp , all I need now is a new Prefab sprout one to suddenly appear

  8. Guardian article worth a read......

  9. thanks david, that was really good - seems somehow typically blue nile that they drift apart and end up not speaking!


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